Criminal Code Section 337 Demand

From original text of Cdn-Firearms Digest Vol.2 #551, 1998 August 15  

Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 05:45:04 -0600
From: David A Tomlinson <>
Subject: Re: need help immediately

The Guardian American model of 1878 will not be released to me because of it being so old, no information can be found on it, so the officer says it cannot be cleared or released. Any suggestions concerning my rights to repossess this property. After all it is a 120 years old and a definite collectors item. Can they keep it. They have had since April to work on clearance.

Go tell that jerk that if he wants to keep it, he is going to have to explain his ignorance in a court of law. He has no authority to do that, and neither does CFR/FRAS. They are apparently engaged in an illegal conspiracy to bilk you out of your property by fraudulently claiming authority that the law does not give them.

Then hand him a letter, in the presence of an excellent witness (who has and keeps a copy of that letter, just as you do), saying:

"I hereby demand that you deliver my property, to wit, one old Guardian revolver, to me forthwith. I make this demand under the terms of Criminal Code section 337. Please note that a refusal to deliver it to me is a violation of CC s. 337, and is an indictable offence. Please also note that under the terms of CC s. 494(1), any person can arrest anyone found committing an indictable offence."

Dave Tomlinson, NFA – CLOG: all Conservative or Liberal Ottawa Governments


Criminal Code Section 337

Public servant refusing to deliver property

337. Every one who, being or having been employed in the service of Her Majesty in right of Canada or a province, or in the service of a municipality, and entrusted by virtue of that employment with the receipt, custody, management or control of anything, refuses or fails to deliver it to a person who is authorized to demand it and does demand it is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

Criminal Code -- CHAPTER C-46 at Justice Canada web site