1997 RCMP Commissioner J.P.R. Murray's Letter

Here is the 4 page letter from RCMP Commissioner J.P.R. Murray (July 21, 1997) regarding the misrepresentation of the (1993) RCMP statistics for firearms involved in crime by the Justice department..

RCMP findings were that 73 firearms were involved in violent crimes investigated by the RCMP in 1993, not 623 as claimed by the Justice department in its justification for increased gun control. 

"Furthermore, the RCMP investigated 88,162 actual violent crimes during1993, where only 73 of these offences, or 0.08%, involved the use of firearms."

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Read it for yourself and see why the RCMP Commissioner had to speak up to prevent the misuse of its data by the Justice department.    

A paper copy of this letter was obtained through the office of MP Garry Breitkreuz.

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