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This is a gathering of cool products, that I feel everyone should know about.

We do not sell any of this stuff. Links provided if available.

Fork / Knife / Spoon Drawer Handles UMD Fork

Drawer Handles in the shape of a Fork, Knife or Spoon available from Urban Motif Designs, 1200A Wellington St. Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 2Z7.  They look really neat, just the thing to give your drawers that special touch. $12.50 each. They have other neat stuff too. Update: Well it seems that UMD are no longer exists, but I think they just changed their name, but I don't remember the new name, so if you want "regular" knife/fork/spoon handles you might try "Home Depot" UMD Star

Liquid Crystal Windows

Window panes that go from opaque to clear when current is applied. I believe there are also some other windows that go from frosted to clear when current is applied, but they may not be using liquid crystal technology. Note that this used to be available from  Marvin Windows as "Switchable Privacy Glass" but it is no longer offered for sale. The link still exists for those people who purchased it in the past. 

I have two other sources for "Privacy Glass" both cost about $150/sq.ft. One does not want to be listed here and the other I have not bothered to ask. e-mail us if you want the names and URLs.

Light up Patio Stones/Pavers

Lighted Paver

Have your own glow in the dark walkway. I haven't actually tried them yet, but if they are anything close to what they look like, I'm sold. "Paver Light". They are 12 volts and are the same size as standard 4"x8" pavers. Kerr Lighting, Smith Falls, Ontario (613) 283-9571. Visit for more info. Update: You can now get these at some Home Depot stores, well just one so far that I know of in Kanata, Ontario.


Real stone gargoyles. Much better than one of those lawn elves. Better put the gargoyle on your roof where it belongs so nobody takes it on a cross country trip. Put it up for Halloween and don't take it down afterwards. (keeps the neighbors on their toes)

IKEA Häll Cutlery set Häll Knife

Coolest Fork, Spoon and Knife (amazing knife) I have ever seen. Häll, designed by Anna Efverlund, Are they ever neat, like they were hacked out of chunks of steel and worked over by a blacksmith then the ends were smoothed and chromed up. The knife should be in a movie. Note: You need a good plate to hold a candle to this cutlery. Update: Well it seems IKEA no longer sells this cutlery, that really burns me up, last time when they were out of stock they told me they were quite popular and they were not discontinuing them. I guess that tells you that if you see something cool, buy it before they discontinue it.

Light Up House Numbers (LED)

Speaking of "discontinued" things, I got some cool "Night & Day" house numbers that glow red with LEDs at night. Multiple numbers can be connected together to make whatever address you have. During the day they look like black numbers on a white background. A photocell turns them on at night. A 12V power supply line is run into the house and plugs in anywhere. "speaker wire" can be used to extend the wire. I got mine at Home Depot and two months later they discontinued them. Too pricey for most folks, even for me. ($20 per number) but I like it more each day. The kicker is that they were selling for $5 per number at the end (now that's a deal) but I already had mine all installed. At least no one will miss my house in an emergency. Many people comment how easy it is to find my house at night. Update: These may not be discontinued where you are. The manufacturer is called "Enviromate Products Corp." they make "Night & Day Numbers" and "Nite-Lite Numbers". Other companies seem to be reselling these things.

Automatic Lighting

It is very cool to walk around outside your house at night and have lights turn on just when you need them. I like the passive Infra Red (IR) sensor light kits by Regent Lighting. They are easy to set because they have 3 settings for delay off times, 4sec (test) , 4min, 12min. They will stay lit as long as they sense movement (the off times begin after no motion is sensed anymore). I like the 3 position switch for the delay times, you don't have to keep setting it and testing to see how long it stays on. The 3 settings seem to be a good compromise between variability and ease of setting up. The 150 watt halogen flood light is quite stylish, very contemporary and no visible screws on the front.110 Degree150 Watt Quartz Halogen, CMS80W (30$). 190 Degree Twin Flood CMS32W ($15) Regent Lighting

Digital Outdoor Timer

An outdoor timer for turning power on and off for a specific time. Noma Outdoor timer. It's digital, no rotating clock dials, and it works fine. Great for a car block heater. They also make a photocell activated plug in thing for lights or stuff like that, and a programmable (7 days) timer as well. Did I mention its Digital. I think that is what did it for me. ($10-30$) Noma

If you think you have a better product or technology than mentioned here, or would like more info e-mail We will not tolerate or promote blatant advertising of "Not so cool stuff" even if you send us large sums of money. We reserve the right to change our mind in this regard.

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