Sample Online Firearm Registration Application

Note: The firearm registration deadline is January 1, 2003.
Firearms you already own do not need to be registered until then.

This is not the Canadian Firearms Centre (CFC) online registration site. We do not represent the CFC. Visit the CFC if you want to see the actual online registration. 

It took us 3 calls to CFC E-Support to get thought most of  this online form. They were friendly and agreed that this online registration could be improved. We provide our own comments on the experience below.

Here is what the online registration looks like:

Applicant information shown has been modified to protect the innocent.

Starting Page
Only last 7 numbers of the FAC are accepted, but this is not mentioned anywhere. After about 5 tries with wrong number it will tell you to give up. [E-Support call number 1]

Authentication Page   
You must provide proper, Last Name, Birth Date and Birth Location exactly as you submitted on your original FAC or PAL application. If you do not enter your province, you will never get past this screen. Yes we realize that it does not mention that your province is required.  [E-Support call number 2]

Welcome Page (logged in)
Finally we get into the system. It lists ones name at the top. How friendly.

Non-Restricted Firearm Registration Information  
The only safe way to register firearms is to mark unknown if you are uncertain about any information. Strangely, even if you indicate you only have a frame or receiver the form still requires you to answer the barrel length question (Q.1) as well as the Make (Q.3), Type (Q.4) and Action (Q.5).  [E-support call number 3]

Restricted Firearm Information
Much easier to re-register these firearms, since they are already registered and assigned a number. We have no idea why we have to re-register firearms that are already registered.

Firearm List
Here is your list of firearms entered so far.

Final Review
Last chance to make any changes.
We cancelled the registration at this point when we remembered that we have until January 1, 2003 to have all firearms registered. Maybe this online form will be easier by then.

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