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Canadian Firearm Quotes  Read what some have said about firearms

Top 10 Fundamental Rights Infringements of the Firearms Act.

1997 RCMP Commissioner J.P.R. Murray's Letter (Firearms used in 0.08% of violent crime, 1993)

Data Sheet of firearm related figures with sources. Number of Guns and Owners here.

Significant Dates

January 1, 2001 - All gun owners must have a license
January 1, 2003 - All firearms must be registered
January 1, 2006 - Handgun Amnesty ends


Boycott UPS

Perry's Gun Shop says NO to being a volunteer verifier (Perry's Gun Shop & CP Article)

Criminal Code Section 337 Demand
Search Warrants – Search and Seizure
Barrel and Overall Firearm Length Rules

Changing Registration to Frame or Receiver only

Hollow Point Handgun Ammunition: Not Illegal (HP Ammo)
[ GLOCK 1 ]
Cool license plate that was sent to us

Sample Registration Forms:
Sample ONLINE Registration 

Links to other Canadian Firearm sites, Laws and Regulations

World News. Humorous, if they were not real stories (register your printer . . .)

This page is devoted to Canadian Firearm Information gathered from various sources. These pages were made so there would be a place with Canadian firearm information that others should be aware of. This site is intended to complement such sites as The National Firearms Association* Canadian Shooting Sports* and Skeeter's Canadian Firearms Home Page,* which contain a wealth of information.

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Repeal C-68
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