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Plate News

8 Character Plates (REALLY!)

Finally the MTO is allowing 8 character personalized license plates. The bad news is they will cost $500 (plus tax!) beginning April 10, 2000. All personalized plates, 2 to 8 character, become $200 (plus tax) May 10, 2000. Orders can be taken at the MTO 1-800-AUTO-PL8 number from April 10 to June 9 on a first come basis, after that they can be ordered at vehicle licensing offices and kiosks.
(April 2000)

Fire Department/Rescue Graphic

The fire department now has their own graphic. It is their crest which says "Fire Rescue" and under it it says Proud to Serve.See graphics below.
(March 1998)

Eleven New Graphics

Well it seems various organizations have been busy getting their own graphics on plates. We now have the following additional plate graphics: Ontario Square and Round Dance Federation, SkyDome, Girl Guides of Canada, Grand Lodge of Ontario Independent Order of Oddfelllows, Knights of Columbus, Ontario Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, Don't Drink and Drive, Anishinabek Nation, University of Guelph, York University.
(Feb 1998)

Canada Flag Graphic now available

If you feel patriotic you can now get a plate with a canadian flag graphic.

Canada Flag
(December 97)

We have reached and passed ZZZ !!!!!

We have reached our goal. I saw a ZZZ plate. I have also seen and been sent notice of new 7 digit plates, AABL### and others. Well this just does not seem that exciting. I was hoping for fireworks. I wonder who ended up with 999 ZZZ. [I saw 777 ZZZ, neato]. I am no longer counting down regular plates. But I will continue adding personalized plates to the License Plate Update Page.

I would like to thank the people who sent in "Z" plate numbers to me:
Dunc!, John P., Nelson C., Joseph
I think I missed couple of names. Let me know if you feel left out.

Thanks of course to all of you who sent in personalized plate names. There are too many of you to mention, your plate on the vanity plate page lets you know who you are. We are not leaving just because we passed ZZZ. 
(March 97)

Still More Graphics

Well here are some more plate graphics:
Canadian National Sportsmen's Show, Elmer the Safty Elephant, Kings College and University of Toronto. It also looks like the Blue Jays got a new logo, the Trillium has been updated and the Ottawa Roughriders graphic is no more. Furthermore the MTO will let you have your organizations logo on a plate, provided you meet certain conditions and agree to a minimum of 100 plates. So there could be a lot more comming.
(March 97)

Star Trek Plates

OK all you Trekkers, now you can get a plate with a Star Trek comm badge graphic. You can even get a collector plate that says TREK 96 for $15. Before you get too excited WARP 9 is already gone, but I am sure you can come up with some other original names.
(Dec 96)

$2000 for Vanity List

Well I finally asked them, the Ministry of Transport of Ontario (MTO), how much it would cost to get a complete listing of personalized license plates from them.$2087 they said, half up front. Furthermore, if I want to use the list for commercial purposes, they want a contract and royalties. Seems like a lot of money just for a copy their database (without names or addresses, just plates). Well, I guess that's what they call "user pay". Maybe I can haggle with them on the price.
I would like to mention that some guy in Oregon got their entire motor vehicles database for $222.
(Nov 96)

7 Character Plates are Here

I have confirmed that Ontario has added another letter to license plates. For a total of 7 characters.This opens the door for a whole bunch of new personalized plate combinations. Finally I can get HEATHEN . . . just kidding . . . maybe.

By my count there will be over 457,000,000 new plates. They are LLLL ###, 4 Letters and 3 Numbers. It will be hard to run out, with half a billion new plates. But then again I though I wouldn't fill up a 1GigaByte hard disk. We should be safe for a while.

I am told, by MTO, that "regular" plates are available now, the licensing offices just have to use up their stock of 6 character plates. They all have been shipped 7 character plates. I haven't gotten an accurate date for "Own Choice" or "Presonalized" plates. The MTO first said December 96, then January 97, and now they are saying Spring 1997.They are still studying it, but it sounds like we may even get 8 character plates. Just have to wait an see. One problem is that that a 7 or 8 character plates cannot have a graphic. It just won't fit on a plate. The graphics take the space of 2 characters and the plates can accommodate up to 8 with no spaces.

Start thinking up new names now. The good ones won't last long.

Ontario has run out of regular 6 digit license plate numbers

Standard plate numbers are of the form ### LLL or LLL ###, which means 3 numbers 3 letters or 3 letters 3 numbers. [Trucks are 4 numbers 2 letters] We have gone thru the 3 letter 3 number sets long ago and now we have used up the all the 3 number 3 letter plates. We have passed 999 ZZZ. I wonder what they did with all the rest (35 million) of the car plates. They must reserve blocks of numbers or something. I know they don't use certain combinations like 666 XXX, 069 SEX, 001 GOD, you get the idea. But that still leaves a lot of numbers.

Having 7 or 8 characters allows for all sorts of new plate names. This is important to consider if you are about to get a plate and you need another letter for your fancy name. It would be disappointing to shorten your choice and to have them go to 7 or 8 characters a 6 months later. The MTO is still evaluating 7-8 character "Own Choice" plates, no definite answers yet [Jan 98 they still have not decided] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ontario Plate Prices and Info

* Ontario personalized plates (2 to 6 characters) cost  $212.60*  (May 10, 2000)
* Personalized plate with colour graphic (2 to 6 characters only) $185.85*
* Regular plate with colour graphic $52.10* (e.g. Loon Loon##LN##)
* Amateur Radio Plates $30.70* (e.g. VE3 LLL)
* Personalized/Graphic Plate replacement $30
* Regular plates with permit $20   (no tax on regular plate)
* Sample Plates $16.05*

All prices are determined by the Ministry of Transport of Ontario. * Tax included (7% GST). We are not the MTO. We do not buy or sell any plates. If you wish to purchase a plate from them, follow the MTO link below.

*Personalized plates are 2 to 8 characters of your choice.
*Maximum of two numeric characters. O and I are considered numeric characters.
*A space is considered a character.
*Crown is no longer a character choice.
*There are more than 37 color graphics available. Not all available graphics shown.
*No graphics for Motorcycles [nor 7 or 8 character plates]

More Plate Info

* Ontario car plates are Blue characters on White
* Truck plates: Black on White
* Dealer plates: Black on Yellow
* Diplomatic plates: White on Red
* Motorcycle plates are 5 characters ###LL, Blue on White
* Graphics appear on the left side of the plates
* Original Slogan: "Keep it Beautiful"
* New Slogan: "Yours To Discover"
* "Handicap" plates used to exist
(A wheelchair symbol replaced the first 2 characters) -- no longer available

MTO Link

For more info you can contact the Ontario Ministry of Transport MTO Logoat 1-800-AUTO-PL8 (1-800-288-6758)

These pages are provided for information purposes only and have no affiliation with, nor do they represent, the Ontario Ministry of Transport


These images are those available on Ontario Plates

All graphics/trademarks are the property of their respective owners

Toronto Blue Jays [JA]

(old / new)
Toronto Raptors [RA]
Toronto Maple Leafs [ML]
Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Argonauts [AR]
Toronto Argonauts (old graphic}
(old / new)
Hamilton Tiger-Cats [TC]
Ottawa Senators [SE]
Ottawa Rough Riders [RR]
Ottawa Rough Riders (old graphic)Ottawa Rough Riders (new graphic)
(old / new)
SkyDome [SD]

Sky Dome


King's College
Kings College

University of Guelph [UG]

Queen's Univeristy [QU]
Queens University

Wilfrid Laurier University
WLU Crest

University of Toronto [UT]
University of Toronto Crest

York University


Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

Ontario Square and Round Dance Federation [SQ]

Girl Guides of Canada {GG]

Guides Canada

Grand Lodge of Ontario Independent Order of Oddfelllows [OF]

Knights of Columbus [KC]

Ontario Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  [HS]

Anishinabek Nation [AN]

Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs [SN]
Snomobile Federation

Scouts Canada [SC]
Scouts Canada
Radio Amateurs of Canada [HM]
Radio Amateurs of Canada
Ontario Lacrosse Association [LX]
Ontario Lacrosse (Beaver)
Loon [LN, LM]
(water fowl)
Trillium [TR]
Ontario's flower
Elmer the Safety Elephant [EE]
Canadian National Sportsmen's Show
Canadian National Sportsmen's Show

Heart [RH]

"I Love" Heart
Heart (with I)

Fire Department [FD]

Fire Rescue
"Proud to Serve"

Millenium Plate [MM]

(graphic unavailable)
It's like a colorful 2000

Ducks Unlimited [DU]

(graphic unavailable)
It's the DU logo

Road Safety Message
Road Safety: It starts with you
Don't Drink and Drive

Dont Drink and Drive

Canadian Flag [CF]
Canada Flag
Star Trek [ST]
Star Trek