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Old Arrivals: 2000 December 25  

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0GRAVITY (Hamilton, Ontario) -- {Zero Gravity.............lots of meanings}
1 FST DJ (London, Ontario) -- {One Fast DJ - our DJ service hotrod}
10 HABS (Woodbridge, Ontario) -- {My father's plate, who is a Guy Lafleur fan. Incidentally, I had 19 HABS for my own plate until someone stole it off my car. Probably hanging in someone's rec. room}
1ROADSTER (Ontario) -- {Miata convertible}
2 FINNS (Thunder bay, Ontario) -- {this plate is on a red corvette. The owner and his wife are middle aged finlanders }
2BAD4T (Hamilton, Ontario) -- {Too Bad 40}
2BFEARED (Keswick, Ontario) -- {On my brothers 88 twin turbo Mustang GT}
2G2BT (Ontario) -- {Too Good To Be True}
2REPOU (Burlington, Ontario) -- {2 REPO U (Work for a finance company)}
3 BEARS (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
3M TA3 (Toronto, Ontario) -- {In a rear view mirror reads as "Eat Me"}
3NF (Ontario) -- {3rd Normal Form-Computer Talk for every thing's good! - On my teacher's Harley}
3TT3V A (Ontario) -- {on a '78 Stingray.}
4 MULE 1 (Ontario) -- {really fast van}
4EVRYUNG (Stittsville, Ontario) -- {My moms on a 1993 white grand cherokee limited V8}
4K'S (Ontario) -- {4 Names with "K" in our family! A lot of people think that it stands for 4King...take it which ever way you want!}
4MY BOT (Ontario) -- {Found on a 4x4 pulling a nice boat, the boat trailer had an 'aftermarket' plate that said 'MY BOAT'}
4RD FAN (Belleville, Ontario) -- {}
4RTRLR (Ontario) -- {Went on the van which pulled our trailer (for our trailer)}
53 BUG (Ontario) -- {saw at auto show - antique section}
69 (Brampton, Ontario) -- {On a 1969 Corvette}
6PAC B (Smithville, Ontario) -- {On my 1970 440 6 Pak Super Bee}
7 GRLS (Thunder Bay, Ontario) -- {it is my fathers plate and he has 7 girls}
88FNGRS (Ontario) -- {Piano player}
8BIT ME (Ontario) -- {8 bits = 1 Byte = Bite. Therefore plate is BITE ME}
8LN STLN (Toronto, Ontario) -- {Italian Stallion}
9ROVER (Ontario) -- {(Scouts Canada Logo) Member of the 9th Guelph Rover Crew}
ARUNAS (Kitchener, Ontario) -- {Are You an Ass - was cut off by a little ol' lady driving this car!*sheesh*}
AUG*4 (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
AW CMON (Ontario) -- {On a Mercedes}
AZ2DY4 (Brampton, Ontario) -- {91 CHEVY Z24}
B BEAUTY (Ontario) -- {Black Beauty - I have a black Acura CL S}
BADBOY (Kitchener, Ontario) -- {My Idol owns the company!!!}
BBY ZED (Ottawa, Ontario) -- {2000 Z28 named Baby by my wife (BABY Z was taken)}
BEAST (Toronto, Ontario) -- {The car ain't the beast, its the 6-foot-4 teenager inside.}
BIGPIMPN (Toronto, Ontario) -- {THAT:S WHAT IM ALL ABOUT.. lol}
BLKSHEEP (Burlington, Ontario) -- {2000 Black Dakota R/T}
  (Thornhill, Ontario) -- {Cobalt Blue 2000 Tiburon SE (I also have blue eyes)}
BOSSS 5 (Ontario) -- {5 litre Mustang}
BUGGYZ (Kingston, Ontario) -- {71 VW Beetle}
C D GO (Cobourg, Ontario) -- {Brought for me by my Grandparents}
CAKE 2U (Ontario) -- {lady baker}
CALLER (Ontario) -- {Modern Square Dance Caller}
CELTICFC (Ontario) -- {Best Football (Soccer)Team In The World!Comment to explain your plate}
CHOZN1 (Mississauga, Ontario) -- {Chosen One ( really conceited SOB!!!)}
CHSLER (Ontario) -- {A Chrysler}
COFF HE (Ontario) -- {}
COKE6PK (Kitchener, Ontario) -- {}
CRAPAZZ (Lindsay, Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
CRIPGYAL (Mississauga, Ontario) -- {Representing da CREW!}
CRISIS (Newmarket, Ontario) -- {Mid life crisis}
CRLZ 66 (Welland, Ontario) -- {Cyril's 1966 Impala}
DA MAN (Ontario) -- {because i am DA MAN}
DALEK (Ontario) -- {fictional alien race}
DDFL (Hamilton, Ontario) -- {Drunken Dozen Football League, Fantasy Football League}
DE V US (Toronto, Ontario) -- {Devious? Pity it's on a Caravan!}
DEE 1 (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
DEECOY (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
DIAL911 (Toronto, Ontario) -- {on a Porsche 911}
DRAFT 1 (Guelph, Ontario) -- {on John Sleeman's (Sleeman Breweries) Black Ferrari}
DREEMR (Brampton, Ontario) -- {Go for your Dreams... On a Toyota 4Runner}
D'S NUTZ (Windsor, Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
DZRBL1 (Brampton, Ontario) -- {Desirable One (brother of Chosen One)}
DZYN COM (Windsor, Ontario) -- {our web site address}
F1 A6T (Toronto, Ontario) -- {Formula 1, (Audi) A6 Turbo }
FD3S (Markham, Ontario) -- {Really HOT! Yellow RX-7 FD}
FGRSK8R (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
FOLLOWME (TORONTO, Ontario) -- {}
FOX FBI (KY) -- {Mulder from the X Files! :))}
FOX YOU (Toronto, Ontario) -- {On an old white VW fox}
GAL (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
GEEKGIRL (Toronto, Ontario) -- {I'm a senior technical exec at Cisco Systems :)}
GEEMMS (Ontario) -- {A Pontiac}
GM CHEV (Hillsburgh, Ontario) -- {GM=my initials, CHEV=got tired of people calling my "Old Car" a Studebaker}
GMLIFE (Ontario) -- {On a Pontiac}
GODFATHR (London, Ontario) -- {I am one, and I can't believe this was still around.}
GOHABSGO (Ottawa, Ontario) -- {Biggest fan of the Montreal Canadiens Hockey Club}
GOLF BOY (New Dundee, Ontario) -- {my VW golf}
GOQFY (Ontario) -- {who took GOOFY?}
GR8 GRP (London, Ontario) -- {Plate of a Group (Employee) Benefits Consultant}
GR8PES (Stratford, Ontario) -- {I own a winery, these are on the Truck.}
GYG 6 (Ontario) -- {[Trek logo] I have no idea}
H2O CAR (North York, Ontario) -- {(water car) on a spotless Amphicar amphibious vehicle}
H8 2 WT (Ontario) -- {Hate to wait for retirement!}
HEITHA (Ontario) -- {The owner's SCA name}
HIWATER (Ontario) -- {On a van}
HOOTZ (Windsor, Ontario) -- {Short for "Hooters" they are really small!}
HOP IN (Toronto, Ontario) -- { on C5 Corvette}
HOPARU (Ontario) -- {My last name is Hopper}
HUT P6 (Toronto, Ontario) -- {pronounced "hut pichay"... in Punjabi, it means stay back}
HVYCHVY (Peterborough, Ontario) -- {on my friends full sized pickup...heavy Chevy}
I ARGUE (Ontario) -- {It looks goods at the courthouse }
I BOGET (Thunder Bay, Ontario) -- {In Ojibway "Boget" means fart!! lol I bought the plate for my father-in-law and he is very proud of it.}
I DEZYNE (Guelph, Ontario) -- {"I design"...that's what I do!}
I GOT YA (Ancaster, Ontario) -- {As an RCMP Officer I thought this appropriate, I also have three 1957 T'Birds and their plates are 57 HEAVEN - WAY WE WER - 57 XTC 4 2 - }
IBTPLS (Mississagua, Ontario) -- {I Be Topless "92 convertable Vette}
IH8 MYX (Ontario) -- {My husband wanted this plate when he saw it }
ILW84U (Ontario) -- {300zx Twin turbo}
IMCHEL (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
IMLATE (Ontario) -- {Seen on the back of a White VW Rabbit}
ISZAT U (Ontario) -- {IS THAT YOU ?}
JEEPSRUL (Toronto, Ontario) -- {My 99 TJ...Nuff Said }
JKMIV (Mississauga, Ontario) -- {My Initials, complete with Roman Numerals (I am the fourth in the fammily with same name)}
JST FNE (Wallaceburg, Ontario) -- {was on 1967 chevy 11}
JUDGE 2 (Ontario) -- {On a !970gto Judge Convertable}
JUST2TTU (Ontario) -- {just 2 tease you}
K9 DR (Richmond Hill, Ontario) -- {K9 DR, as in Canine Doctor (for a vet)}
KAMZZZ (Ontario) -- {IN TORONTO ... ON A SILVER CRX... }
KRAMR (London, Ontario) -- {Nickname I got while in a coma}
KRN FLK (Pickering, Ontario) -- {Cornflake's the name, someone else stole CRNFLK!! I thought I was alone!}
KRZ NDN (Ontario) -- {Krazy Indian}
KWAKRS (Ontario) -- {My initials are KW and I carve ducks as a hobby}
KWILTZ (Markham, Ontario) -- {seen at a crafts fair next to store owned by a woman selling Amish type quilts.}
LB IT (Toronto, Ontario) -- {(pound it) '69 Vette with ponding system}
LDYTEC (Welland, Ontario) -- {I'm a female auto technician}
LIL65GTO (Ontario) -- {MY 1965 GTO}
LIVN LRG (Toronto, Ontario) -- {on a 2000 BMW}
LOVEMYSI (Woodstock, Ontario) -- {this plate on my friend's 93 Honda Civic SI}
LOWLYFE (Ontario) -- {ON my Slammed Truck.......}
LT JOE S (Ontario) -- {On a Lincoln}
LTL UNE (Ontario) -- {}
LTR BUC (Welland, Ontario) -- {Ford Bronco 4x4 (let her buck)}
LZRDKING (Kanata, Ontario) -- {The real Lizard King was better known as Jim Morrison of The Doors rock group.}
LZYDOG (Brantford, Ontario) -- {It's a nickname.}
MATT 71 (Ontario) -- {I'm an Ontario General Division Judge :)(look up MATT. 7:1)}
MCQUAID (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
MEGASTAR (Brampton, Ontario) -- {Because I am!}
MIN 2NV (Ontario) -- {ON MY 1999 Ferrari 355}
MISBEHVN (Mississauga, Ontario) -- {jeep....33"tires....4" lift....wide and up high}
MKD MKD (London, Ontario) -- {My wife & I have the same initials!}
MOADIB (Gloucester, Ontario) -- {"DUNE MOVIE" The Shadow of the mouse in the second moon, I'm a Scifi fan.}
MR KKC (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
MYBENZ (Ontario) -- {A Mercedes}
MYPERK (Ontario) -- {A BMW}
NE TKRS (Cambridge, Ontario) -- {stands for any takers. i have it on my 350 powered chevette. just typed it in off several i had thought up}
NO CPIC (Sudbury, Ontario) -- {seen on crown vic, CPIC is police database. Means don't query my plate}
NODK4U (London, Ontario) -- {It might be a dentist's plate no decay for you or you know...}
NOT OJ (Ontario) -- {On A White Ford Bronco (Get It)}
NU SHOOS (Waterloo, Ontario) -- {owner of shoe store}
O 2 BAD (Newmarket, Ontario) -- {Had to have it}
O HUNEE (Ontario) -- {favorite saying of carol the hairdressor}
ONT SNO (Ontario) -- {Because I'm an Ontario Snowmobiler !!!!!!}
OSAP (Ontario) -- {very nice camero driven by a college student in london!}
OUTTA (London, Ontario) -- {It is a short cut for outta here.. looks nice on my 93 Black Z28}
OV1OV (Ontario) -- {Didn't get it till I saw it in my rear view}
P8NT IT (Waterloo, Ontario) -- {owner of paint store}
PARANOID (Brampton, Ontario) -- {'94 White Supra Twin Turbo}
PAWS UP (Ontario) -- {Rally Car Plate on a car that was rolled a lot - installed upsidedown.}
PC GEEK (Ontario) -- {Computer geek}
PC NERD (Ontario) -- {Computer nerd}
PETE54 (London, Ontario) -- {has a Lions Clubs Int. logo tothe left ordered and soon to be on my truck}
PETE54 (Ontario) -- {BORN}
PINCES (Mississauga, Ontario) -- {"Princess" said by a child}
PRNSTR (Guelph, Ontario) -- {My nickname}
PRODCR (Ontario) -- {movie producer}
PWRNGNR (Nepean, Ontario) -- {Power Engineer}
PZA PZA (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
QKFUSE (Brampton, Ontario) -- {The Wife's plate, she's a hot-head...}
R U TZD (Toronto, Ontario) -- {On a Race Prepped Lincoln Towncar}
RTQL8 (Toronto, Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
RUNAWAY (Stittsville, Ontario) -- {The song by Del Shannon on 1976 black corvette stingray}
RUNEXT (Oakville, Ontario) -- {I saw this on a hearse ... "are you next"}
SAILA V (Ontario) -- {"That's Life" and a lot of time on the water}
SEXLVR (Toronto, Ontario) -- {I JUST LOVE SEX!!!}
SEXY SE (Hamilton, Ontario) -- {On a Red Pontiac Sunfire SE}
SI QT DE (Newmarket, Ontario) -- {On my 99 Pontiac Grand Am... I am a Cutie Inside!!}
SIM BAD (Barrie, Ontario) -- {road sailer}
SMT KNG (Toronto, Ontario) -- {Smutking on a Dark Green Lexus LS 400}
SMURF U (London, Ontario) -- {I believe this gets around the harassment rules for the saying F@CK U Very witty!!}
SNAFUE (Brampton, Ontario) -- {Situation Normal All F*cked Up Everywhere}
SOOPER (Kingston, Ontario) -- {I am a landlord}
SOSWEET (Ottawa, Ontario) -- {On a 1995 Lotus Elise}
SPRAYED (Ontario) -- {93 Mustang LX 5.0 with nitrous}
SS 396 (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
SSIZZL (Brampton, Ontario) -- {Camaro 'SS'}
SSLEEPER (Brampton, Ontario) -- {Camaro 'SS'}
STUKN80S (Ontario) -- {81 Honda Prelude}
STUNTGUY (Ontario) -- {occupation}
SUMTRUCK (Ontario) -- {Big Truck}
SUPRAMAN (Ontario) -- {toyota supra}
TOMMY C (Belleville, Ontario) -- {Nick name}
TOO COOL (Brampton, Ontario) -- {2001 PT Cruiser, lowered, dual exhaust, tinted, and FUZZY DICE. (WAY COOL was taken)}
TOP PET (Ontario) -- {}
TOPDIS (toronto, Ontario) -- {1990 corvette roadster (con)}
TOTALPKG (Toronto, Ontario) -- {25th Anniversary Convertible Mustang Cobra Vette Eater}
TQQ CLS (Ontario) -- {Too Close ( the QQ are eyes) Black Camaro London Ontario.}
TU B4 X8 (Ontario) -- {Bought this for my husband...he's a carpenter (2x4x8)}
TWEETY (Beamsville, Ontario) -- {on a lime green firefly with Tweety Bird mud flaps}
WAS HIS (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
WEBDZYNR (Windsor, Ontario) -- {What I do}
WEBTV (Toronto, Ontario) -- {I sell webtv....internet on your tv}
WHYAKCAR (Hamilton, Ontario) -- {Saw this one on a supped up Reliant (K-car), fat racing tires, big engine, the works!!!}
WIFE 01 (Toronto, Ontario) -- {I have another 99....}
WY NOT (LONDON, Ontario) -- {Some ppl see what is and ask why? I dream of things that are not and ask Why Not? Geo. B. Shaw}
XOTK FX (Toronto, Ontario) -- {Exotic Effects}
XXLBUICK (Ontario) -- {A XXLarge Car,1995 Buick Roadmaster}
Y2K BUG (London, Ontario) -- {Spotted on a VW Beetle. Obviously for the Year 2000}
YO BIN (Essex, Ontario) -- {"where yo bin" (there's a story behind this plate... will send by e-mail).}
YPAYMORE (Ontario) -- {why?}
YRU HERE (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
ZEDPOWER (Ontario) -- {'87 IROC-Z, 5.7L TPI}
ZR2*BB (Ontario) -- {Red Corvette}


0-60B4U (Birmingham, AL) -- {1985 yamaha v-max (zero-sixty be for you)}
0OOLALA (VA) -- {Explains a funny phrase}
0VRTAXD (Edmonton, Alberta) -- {Like every Canadian, I'm OVERTAXED}
1BADBIRD (Maine, ) -- {on brand new pontiac firebird just like mine}
1BADBRD (Birmingham, AL) -- {1998 Honda Super Hawk (yellow)}
1BDPONY (Salina, KS) -- { there}
1FUNPOS (MI) -- {On my beat up '84 F150}
1HOT27 (Oahu, HI) -- {It's on my 1927 Roadster hot rod}
1MANSHO (Alabama, AL) -- {It is on my 1991 410HP Mustang GT.....(one man show!!)}
1MEAN RT (Beatrice, NE) -- {99% Original, 1970 Dodge R/T Challenger, plum crazy purple with 383 Magnum, looks as good as she sounds!!! }
1MOTOY (Georgia) -- {One More Toy}
1ST B4U (SF/Oakland Bay Area, CA) -- {First before you}
2 UCK (Hillsboro, OR) -- {This is on a Ford f250 truck}
2BEER (Vancouver, British Columbia) -- {great for roadblocks}
2BHIGHR (Fburg, VA) -- {"To be higher" Had it on my 97' Wrangler}
2BOR3B (Edmonton, Alberta) -- {TO BE OR NOT TO BE}
2BZ4BS (Kansas) -- {Too busy for Bull Shit/which the state just revoked after 8 years. Someone finally got smart there I guess.}
2DVS4U (USA, OH) -- {}
2FAS2C (Detroit, MI) -- {This was on my highly modified 86 Corvette}
2KUL4U (MA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
2LOW4U (AR) -- {Body dropped mazda with air bags}
2POOR4AZ (WV) -- {only a 6cyl}
2QCKUC (Virginia) -- {And MD2TCKT come off my lowered Ford F-150 not EXP}
3D (MA) -- {on my Mitsubishi Eclipse, 3d for 3 diamonds or the Dudley Death Drop}
3-KIDS (WY) -- {I'm a pediatrician and we have three kids (3 is county# too)}
48ZIP (Chesterfield, VA) -- {Football score - VA TECH 48 - Univ. of Virginia 0 (1983) I've had it since 1990! Go Hokies!}
4GET55 (Florida, FL) -- {Yes the speed limit , & yes I have been pulled over for it }
4U2NVME (LA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
500 FT (Fairfax Co., VA) -- {I drive fire trucks "Stay Back"}
5LTRETR (Canada, British Columbia) -- {Camaro <5 liter eater>}
6 ROCK (Olathe, KS) -- {On a Saturn}
69ISXTC (North Carolina Plate, HI) -- {Plate on my old tricked 69 Mustang}
727CAPT (Sulphur, OK) -- {The driver was wearing a pilot uniform headed to the airport.}
8EZBNLO (IN) -- {"ain't easy bein' low", I created it for my lowered ranger splash}
97 SST (South Dakota, SD) -- {On my 1997 Dodge Ram SS/T}
A10TION (Kansas, KS) -- {Attention- on a Convertible Corvette}
A70 LT1 (Nova Scotia) -- {A 1970 Corvette LT1}
AF RET (Anchorage, AK) -- {Retired from the Air Force}
AHITEYO (Vallejo, CA) -- {Ahite yo, means, everythings good...I'm good ,your good, situations good,it's alright,AHITE YO....}
AINTNO50 (Glasford, IL) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
ANJELIC (Libby, MT) -- {What can I say, I'm an angel Lover}
ASX (Australia) -- {Australian Stock Exchange}
AUTOBON (Detroit, MI) -- {My Porsche 928 license tag}
AVAUDIO (LA) -- {Seen on a car -stickers on each side of plate "www." plate ".com", it was their webside address. }
B2TBONE (WI) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
BABE (Cheyenne, WY) -- {A blue jeep wagoneer (From the story of Paul Bunyan).}
BAD SS (Saint Paul, MN) -- {A 1970 Chevelle SS 396 375 HP One Owner w/27000 miles}
BAD-GT (Somersworth, NH) -- {I think im bad and my car is a mustang gt}
BADKTTY (Delaware, DE) -- {just for a special edition 2000 cougar}
BADREX (AK) -- {On a Kawasaki ZRX1100, affectionally known as a ZREX}
BAH (MA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
BAUDINA (California) -- {1992 toyota..Paseo}
BBBBAD (Oregon) -- {I Think You Can Figure It Out !}
BBYNBLU (Omaha, NE) -- {My first car was blue and it was my baby..."Baby In Blu"}
BBYTHNDR (Rochester, NY) -- {Vehicle name is Baby Thunder, 96 S-10. }
BEBITA (Oregon, OR) -- {My nickname....means baby girl in spanish..=o)}
BEERRUN (WI) -- {I'm a college student and will always be one!}
BEG4ME (Auckland New Zealand, --- Provinces ---) -- {Becuase i am New Zealand TOP MALE MODEL on a 1999 R33 NISSIAN SKYLINE }
BIMRBRAT (VA) -- {Hottie in a BMW convertible}
BITAHVN (Daytona Beach, FL) -- {my screenname and how I feel about my Dodge Stealth}
BKINHAND (NY) -- {Our business name (Used Book sales)}
BLT4SPD (MI) -- {On my 1984 Corvette}
BOOPSTR (ND, ND) -- {my car is totally decked out in Betty Boop}
BOWDOWN (IDAHO, ID) -- {bow down}
BRUZEN (Oregon) -- {Cruzen For A Bruzen}
BTCH (Beverly Hills, CA) -- {I can be a bitch so I am when I feel like it. It fits me}
BTL FED 1 (Zion, IL) -- {1979 mustang (my brother's 'baby')}
BURBAN (juno, AK) -- {1977 chevy suburban 4x4 }
BYBYBRD (Hamilton, MT) -- {Bye Bye Birdie is great for my '67 Firebird which is one badass car..I love it}
CHAU BOX (CA) -- {I love to do this whenever the opportunity arises. (eat the kitty)}
CH-CHING (Winston-Salem, NC) -- {Saw it on the back of a Yukon on I-40}
CHRISTA (New Prague, MN) -- {My wifes plate, Mothers Day gift from the kids.}
CHVYH8R (Iowa) -- {Chevy Hater I own nothing but Fords. }
CLMT JN (San Diego, CA) -- {calamity jane.......boy was she a trouble}
COOPR8 (Pennsylvania, PA) -- {I teach cooperative learning}
COP TZR (Mississippi, MS) -- {I am just what is says, a Cop Teaser}
CRZYKID (Eugene, OR) -- {Im 16. Self Explanatory :)}
CUL8TR (plano, TX) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
CUZ IKN (Portland, OR) -- {After owning a Van I bought a 99RED Cougar..cause I can! lol}
CYBRLUV (PA) -- {We met on the internet! What else can we say? :-)}
D MUDDY 1 (Illinois, IL) -- {It's for my new Jeep Wrangler 2000 . My 4x4 For the Mud !}
DA COOL1 (PA) -- {It's hard to be humble}
DADADA (TX) -- {Seen in Austin, Texas on new red VW bug}
DADPAID (Sebring, FL) -- {dad bought my car}
DADS GUK (IN) -- {My 2 yr old son couldn't say truck. }
DARE YA (Solon, OH) -- {On my 1968 El-camino big bolck}
DATSTYT (Illinois, IL) -- {(That's tight)}
DAY OFF (Winnipeg, Manitoba) -- {On my 328 BMW conv. just for fun.}
DCL XVI (GA) -- {Roman numerals for 666!! }
DEE ONE (Balto., MD) -- {I am the one!!}
DGA-430 (Nova Scotia) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
DISHNET (Minnesota, MN) -- {Dish Network Retailer's Service Vehicle.}
DMB BLND (Dallas, TX) -- {This plate was attached upside down}
DNKYDAU (Kitsap County, WA) -- {Vietnamese word for crazy (I'm a Vietnam Veteran)}
DNTB10SE (Brooklyn, NY) -- {Don't be tense}
DOIT RIT (PA) -- {If you're gonna do something....DOIT RIT}
DRIFTR (Australia) -- {No explanation needed}
DRIVEN (NJ) -- {self explanatory}
DRSK2B (Virginia) -- {Doctor Scott K. 2B on my Triumph TR-6 }
DUST4U (Pennsylvania, PA) -- {I saw someone else had this on order - they won't get it! It belongs to my friend's mother - she runs a cleaning business}
EATM UP (Detroit, MI) -- {I had this on my 86 Turbo Regal}
EGOPL8 (Frankfort, KY) -- {ego plate}
EI MAY (Virginia beach, VA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
EST 1 (State or Province) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
ETMYDST (us, CA) -- {Eat my dust}
EVILONE (Hutchinson, KS) -- {Never get passed.. Expresses those bad hair days }
EZ 2LUV (Calgary, Alberta) -- {1987 Corvette burgundy GTA Trans Am}
FASFWRD (Raleigh, NC) -- {on a friends supercharged 96 mustang cobra}
FEAR NON (CALIFORNIA, U.S.A., CA) -- {I FEAR NON (I fear no 1)}
FEWAWI (Kingwood, TX) -- {Texas has only 6 (Bugs Bunny's Ferrari)}
FLASH 97 (Pittsburgh, PA) -- {Nickname from work but fits my Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4}
FLIGHT59 (Anchorage, AK) -- {1959 el camino modified into 4x4 with wing like tail}
FN2DRV (NJ) -- {self explanatory}
FNL DSTNY (Fairbanks, AK) -- {Stands for FINAL DESTINY which is what my windshield reads on my '96 black Honda Civic}
FNLY MIN (OHIO, OH) -- {"Finally mine" (on a convertible I always wanted)}
FOR 2DAY (Wisconsin, WI) -- {Assuming a new car every day}
FOX FBI (KY) -- {Mulder from the X Files! :))}
GEDDE-UP (Pittsburgh, PA) -- {on my 1991 Mustang GT convertible.......thanx cramer}
GERTZ (CA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
GETRAMD (WA) -- {I have a really tricked out Dodge RAM truck. }
GIGOLO (Houston, TX) -- {On my 1980 Corvette}
GIT BIT (Kansas, KS) -- {Get bit - 1998 Ford Mustang Cobra}
GO2JAIL (Tempe, AZ) -- {I am the Director of a Christian Prison Ministry;recruiting volunteers to Go To Jail and Share the Gospel!!}
GOFLYIN (MT) -- {Self explanitory}
GOR JUS (MD) -- {I'm gonna get this plate!!}
GOT2BEZ (Aliquippa, PA) -- {On My black 2000 Mustang GT }
GR8 FINS (Mobile, AL) -- {"Great fins" on a '61 Imperial with HUGE tail fins.}
GTAFORD (Roanoke, VA) -- {On my 98 Mustang GT}
GURAQT (ME) -- {Gee You Are A Cutie}
GVIBES (New Hampshire, NH) -- {Good Vibes}
H20MEN4 (Morgantown, WV) -- {Water(what are) men for? on black Toyota Tacoma}
H2OPIR8 (AZ) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
H8PEPC (New Hampshire, NH) -- {simple, I love Coca Cola!}
HEIR (Minnesota) -- {too be so RICH :)}
HEYUGLY (CO) -- {Pretty much self explanitory}
HIOFICR (Calgary, Alberta) -- {Found it on a Camaro. (Hi Officer)}
HNDASPT (Virginia) -- {On my Accrod loaded with Hondasport goodies}
HOTVR4 (Mahopac, NY) -- {1996 3000GT VR-4}
HRTHROB (Seattle, WA) -- {hearthrob its been a nickname for years}
HUDAMAN (Columbia, TN) -- {Who da man???}
I WON (Nashville, TN) -- {on a 2000 Yellow Convertible Corvette}
I1CSTDY (Oklahoma, OK) -- {After spending $21K, I wanted to make it known that "I WON CUSTODY"plain your plate}
I8A4RE (Hawaii, HI) -- {i ate a ferrai}
IAMRU2 (unsure, --- Provinces ---) -- {seen on vehicle with gay symbol bumper stickers above it}
IBPLAYN (Chatham, VA) -- {Playing the guys of course!}
IBSTYLN (Overland Park, KS) -- {The name says it all. Check out pics of my ride at By the way, the car is for sale. Email me for info}
ICEMAN (Saskatchewan) -- {Because I've got a Cool Blue Civic Crx}
ICEMANS (Sioux Rapids, IA) -- {Nickname since Junior High, I was a big fullback and that was when the Fridge was big.}
ICUL8TR (Spruce Pine, NC) -- {I have a new Camaro}
ICUQTPI (Cecil county, MD) -- {I see you cutie pie}
IDRVIT (NJ) -- {self explanatory}
IEATVTEC (North Carolina, NC) -- {i hate hondas}
IH84WD (Missouri) -- {My little yellow lowrider}
ILUVCOPS (Charles Town, WV) -- {my daughter and I have identical 99 Gun Metal Gray Hyundai's, with nearly Identical plates, her's says: ILUVCOPZ}
IMBOSS (Cocoa, FL) -- {1990 Corvette ZR-1}
IMN10S (Stafford, VA) -- {"I'm intense"...... go figure, uh?}
IMTOPLS (Miami, FL) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
IMZBIG 1 (Illinois, IL) -- {I am 6' 4" and 290 pounds. The plate used to be on a 280ZX. Now on a Corvette.}
IRCBOI (Round Lake, IL) -- {IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Boy.}
ISLHNDA (Bremerton, WA) -- {I sell Hondas (for a living)}
IT ROCS (North Augusta, SC) -- {Triple Black IROC Z-28 Convertible with 200 watt Stereo}
ITCBITC (Philadelphia, PA) -- {Itsy Bitsy Spider - 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder}
IVPLAE (Olathe, KS) -- {One that got by the Virginia DMV ... Think Roman Numerals!}
IW84NO1 (Charleston, WV) -- {I wait for no one.............}
IXCLR8 (Maine, USA, ME) -- {On my 95' Ford Probe GT}
JCI-1 (New Prague, MN) -- {My plate, similar to the Chevrolet USA-1}
JEEPRS (So.Chas., WV) -- {I own a 1997 Jeep Wrangler}
JKLNHYD (Bedford, Nova Scotia) -- {Jekyll and Hyde on a 1991 Corvette ZR-1}
KECH ME (Arkansas, AR) -- {1996 Porsche 993 aka 911}
KHAOTIC (La Crosse, WI) -- {I am, therefore I drive! (Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertable)}
KLASSY 1 (Rochester, NY) -- {It's on my black with tinted windows and chrome wheeled 97 Buick Rivera . I also own a bar called The Klassy Cat Tavern}
KNTMARE (NJ, NJ) -- {97 Mustang Cobra "Supercharged"}
KUTTINUP (NC) -- {I am a hairstylist and known to be a little reckless in my driving}
L8 NYTS (Lexington, KY) -- {I worked the late shift for years}
LAFATU (Regina, Saskatchewan) -- {Laugh at you!....this is on my 84 Buick Grand National.}
LAKEN IT (California, CA) -- {Plate on Boat - "TAKEN IT" on truck}
LK2FLY (Manchester, NH) -- {What can I say.....I have a Pilot's Licence}
LOKN4U (Sioux Falls, SD) -- {I own a Automobile Repossession Service}
LONEWUF (AL) -- {on my old 300ZX. Tried to catch someone's eye with it.}
LOVELY 1 (AZ) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
LOWLYFE (New Brunswick) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
LQQKNLO (Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia) -- {Check the Q's they look like eyes, LQQKN down...}
LS1PWRD (Birmingham, AL) -- {1999 z28 w/ls1 engine}
LUV LADYS (Pennsylvania USA, PA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
LX NCH 50 (Hanover Park, IL) -- {What can I say, it's an '87 lx nochback stang! FAST AS HELL!}
LXTAXY (Greenville, SC) -- {on my best friends VERY FAST supercharged (con) 93 triple white 5.0 mustang}
MADMAX (Birmingham, AL) -- {1985 yamaha v-max}
MAV (Salt Lake City, UT) -- {Motorized Assault Vehicle}
MAVS GT (Indianapolis, IN) -- {(Maverick's GT) I am a fan of the movie Top Gun and my nickname is Maverick. It is on my '93 Ford Probe GT.}
MENACE (Westminster, CO) -- {When I was younger, I got this plate the very first year Colorado offered vanity plates. It started off on my cool 4x4, moved to my minivan and will finally graduate to the car it deserves! A souped up 98 Grand GT!}
MINIEME (Palm Desert, CA) -- {An Audi TT that looks like Mini Me from Austin Powers 2}
MONSSTR (PA) -- {My plate on my Impala SS with a 396 motor and n2o}
MOVE OVR (New York, NY) -- {Get out of my way, 1987 Monte Carlo SS }
MR 980 (Rochester, NY) -- {Its on my friends 99Yukon. He picks up bodies for a funeral home. 980 is the police code for the meat wagon!}
MR BRZE (Pittsburgh, PA) -- {"They call me the Breeze" by Lynyrd Skynyrd}
MRFIERO (Denver, CO) -- {On a nice 88 Black GT Fiero}
MUSKY (Wisconsin) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
MY 59 HI (San Rafael, CA) -- {1959 el camino modified into 4x4}
MY MID LF (OH) -- {Plate on my soon to be 40 something wife's 2000 Sebring JXI Convertible }
MY TOY (Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands) -- {For MY TOYota 4Runner}
MYDREAM (Bangor, MI) -- {Built my own car open streetrod }
MYOFFICE (Louisiana, LA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
N26T9 (California, CA) -- {IN TO 69 SEX}
N2NSYNC (San Jose, CA) -- {I am a Fan of the group Nsync. Thus I am showing others that i am "in to Nsync". }
NCE PKG (IL, IL) -- { car site at:}
ND2BFSR (Alabama, AL) -- {(u need to be faster )on a very fast street driven 75 camaro with nitrous.}
ND4SPD 3 (NY) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
NEAR YU (Tampa, FL) -- {To have something different}
NETGEEK (San Diego, CA) -- {My boyfriends roommate has this one on his car}
NETN2IT (California, CA) -- {My Web Site}
NFA142 (Oregon, OR) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
NICE SUN (Portsmouth, VA) -- {'93 Mazda Miata LE}
NIT2WIN (Kansas City, KS) -- {I drive race cars. In it to win. Others have interpreted at Night 2 Win, guess that would work too!}
NO SPF (Texas) -- {99 mustang convertible...'no sun protection factor' }
NO SPILL (Florida, GA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
NO TRLR (PA) -- {for the person who accused me of trailering my show car }
NOPITY (Missouri, MO) -- {A plate that was on my personal car- I'm a cop.}
NOT URS (Chicago, IL) -- {89 corvette convertible}
NOTATOY (lower, AL) -- {nissan four wheel drive not a toyota}
NOW SHOING (USA, IL) -- {I have a Ford Taurus SHO}
NUZHNTR (Portland, ME) -- {News Hunter. . . I am an Assignment Editor for a tv station, I hunt for news}
NV GV UP (Texas, TX) -- {never give up}
NVEST4U (Raleigh, NC) -- {I'm a financial planner (father is INVST$4U)}
O BHAYV (TX) -- {Can you say Austin Powers}
OAKRAI (Youngstown, OH) -- {I'am an Oakland Raiders pro football fan(plates on my black 95 Camaro).}
OICU812 (Fla) -- {Pizza delivery truck Oh I See You Ate One Too}
OPBOOKS (NY) -- {Out of print books...our business and we are retired librarians}
OURWORLD (Syracuse, NY) -- {I leave it to the readers to interpret their own meaning...while viewing my plate... :) , Ken }
OWTVIT (Dallas, TX) -- {Out of it. V in short hand is of.}
PATITA (Brandon, MS) -- {It's my nickname it means little duck in spanish, I got it from my work at Pasta Bravo }
PBZEPLN (Seattle, WA) -- {In celebration of my favorite band: Led Zeppelin}
PHAT 911 (Jacksonville, FL) -- {This is on my 911 turbo cabriolet, describing both the car and giving the name of my company (check website:}
PHDNCHM (Detroit, MI) -- {Ph.D. in Chemistry on my Triple Black 99 conv}
PIMPIN (Duluth Mn) -- {2001 toyota celica GT It would SMOKE all yall cars}
PLAY2WIN (Morgantown, WV) -- {My dad is a coach and he likes to win.}
PONYY (TX) -- {bad azz 93 mustang convertable GT}
POORBOY (Dayton Ohio, OH) -- {I am president of poor boy kustoms car club (dayton ohio)}
PRIZE (NY) -- {it is on a red 1964 1/2 you can guess what prize might mean then...because it sure is a prize!! }
QETESH (Maine, ME) -- {Qetesh is the Egyptian/Syrian goddess of love and beauty.}
QTPY4U2C (raleigh, NC) -- {on my girlfriends '01 acura 3.2 cl. }
QTRHRSE (Colorado) -- {It's a Mustang that goes down the quarter mile}
QUIKSLV (Iowa) -- {A Silver 1997 Ford Probe GTS Supercharged}
QWK ENUF (pa, PA) -- {on our Porsche, said like, quick enough!!!!!}
R MAN88 (Iowa, IA) -- {1988 Buick Regal 2 door}
RADARLV (MT) -- {Good road song of the 70's and seems to fit our 1987 red corvette}
RANDYS#1 (Powhatan, VA) -- {husbands name}
RCKBTM (New Hampshire, NH) -- {If ya smell what the Rock is cookin'}
RD RCR (PA) -- {My plate on my Ducati 851-says it all}
REALMBA (CO) -- {College Degree on a 99 Porsche 911, Masters of Business Administration}
RED 4RE (Aurora, CO) -- {I saw it on a red ferrari}
RED DEVL (Boca Raton, FL) -- {On a red '92 Mazda 323 that i plan on souping up really soon (even though its already quite a quick hot-hatch when u push it.... :)}
ROLNBY 4 (Marion, IL) -- {On a Jeep Cherokee 4x4}
RONG WAY (York, PA) -- {Actually used to have in NY....Had worst sense of direction}
RONS 10 (USA, MI) -- {My name is Ron and I own an S-10}
RTHUNDER (Rochester, NY) -- {Vehicle name is Rolling Thunder, 97 Camaro}
RU14BN8 (MT) -- {are you one for being ate}
RUFENER (FL) -- {Last name}
RUMBL (Frankfort, KY) -- {harly davidson plate}
RUNVS (Cincinnati, OH) -- {Are you envious}
SALVAJE (SD) -- {Means wild in spanish}
SCPNY 50 (Zion, IL) -- {1990 vortec supercharged ford mustang 5.0}
SHAGYA (Fairfax, VA) -- {I saw "Austin Powers: The Spy Shagged Me". The quote is "I wanna Shag Ya baby" }
SHONGO 1 (Doyle, CA) -- {Breed, show and run, Quarter Horses, and Paint Horses }
SHONGO 1 (Doyle, CA) -- {Breed, show and run, Quarter Horses, and Paint Horses }
SHONGO 2 (Doyle, CA) -- {Breed, show, and run Quarter Horses and Paint Horses, This is Plate on 2 horse trailer}
SHONGO 3 (Doyle, CA) -- {Breed, show and run Quarter Horses and Paints. This plate in 1 ton dually that pulls trailers.}
SHONGO 4 (Doyle, CA) -- {Breed, show and run Quarter Horses and Paint Horses. This is plate on 4 Horses gooseneck. See ya at the shows or on the way to the races!!!!!}
SIXPCK (Illinois, IL) -- {on a astro mini-van owned by parents of 6 kids }
SLICK 11 (Los Angeles, CA) -- {Plate on my Black Dodge Stealth R/T, my buddies drive black cars (and truck) with SLICK 22, SLICK 33, and SLICK 44}
SMKN 390 (Lacon, IL) -- {fast 390 in 63 t-bird}
SMOK N (Cheyenne, WY) -- {Smoking... On a 200sx}
SNAAZY (Elkton, VA) -- {I drive a Snazzy looking 93 Mustang Cobra!!!!!!}
SNOWGO (Wyoming, WY) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
SOCCRMOM (Lincoln, NE) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
SOOOEY (OR) -- {Calling the hogs since it's on a Harley Davidson motorcycle}
SPDGTKT (Tennessee) -- {I Drive A Camaro Z28....nuff said.}
SPNKUL8R (Plano, TX) -- {was on a turbo Z28}
SPOYLD (Sarasota, FL) -- {hey its me!}
SPREDM (Lexington, KY) -- {may have been in law enforcement?}
STLAKID (Tennessee, TN) -- {This is my dad's plate, he decided on this after turning 40. It is Still A Kid!!!}
SUN LVR (USA, TX) -- {I just bought a new Miata... worshipping the sun on a daily basis is my new hobby :o)}
SUNBMR (Port Coquitlam, British Columbia) -- {on my beige (gold) BMW convertible}
SURREAL (Australia) -- {Means "dreamlike"}
SVENSON (HENDERSON, NV) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
SWEETHNG (Richmond, VA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
T1HS 0N (GA, GA) -- {Reads "NO SH*T" in the rear view--some dude in CA actually got this approved!}
TABZ (Joplin, MO) -- {It's going to be the name of my Hair salon, it's also my internet name...}
TAHOE (Alabama, AL) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
TAKTOFF (Fburg, VA) -- {"Take it off" Had it on my 97 Wrangler}
TAMNBRI (San Diego, CA) -- {This stood for Tami and Brian however we are no longer together so it has got to go}
TATERMAN (North Dakota, ND) -- {I am a Potato Farmer}
TEALTOY (NJ, NJ) -- {I had a "Teal" Camaro and it was my toy!!! }
THNKTWZ (Alabama) -- {think twice before u race me. on a 75 Camaro street car with a 406c.i. motor and nitrous}
THUMSUP (Kansas, KS) -- {1988 Corvette Convertible - Thumbs UP}
THUNDR (Frankfort, KY) -- {Harley Davidson plate}
TKT BATE (SF/Oakland Bay Area, CA) -- {Ticket bait}
TOPLESSZ (Princeton, WV) -- { 91 Z28 Camaro convertible}
TOP-LUZ (Missouri) -- {No, its only the JEEP!!!!!!!}
TOZOVR (NH) -- {"Toes Over" I'm a longboard surfer...hang ten...get it?}
TRACKTOY (Raleigh, NC) -- {on my race-prepped 92 integra gs-r. }
TRED LT (St. Louis, MO) -- {Tread Lightly. (is on my 360ci Jeep CJ8, 35" tall Boggers)}
TRSTHM (NH) -- {trust him , put all your faith in God}
TSBUDS4U (Alberta) -- {This Bud's For you on a red NSX seen in calgary }
U8BOOST (Battle Creek, MI) -- {you ate boost. 92 Dodge Daytona Iroc R/T surprisingly (to others) eat's a lot of V-8 cars.}
UCNTCME (Colorado ss, CO) -- { JUST TOO FAST!!!!!!!!}
UD LOOZ 1 (IL) -- {on my 64 chevy ll hotrod}
UFO (Honolulu, HI) -- {DeTamaso Mangusta - Yellow is the color of madness.}
UH-OH (Springfield, MO) -- {Just means uh oh!!!}
UNEEKE (AZ) -- {}
UNUSUAL (Detroit, MI) -- {Porsche 914/6 - only 3100 made}
USAMSCLE (Oklahoma, OK) -- {I own a 1991 Pontiac Trans Am GTA, so the USA is for American, and MSCLE is for Muscle, as in muscle car=American muscle}
USCITZEN (Cinnaminson, NJ) -- {I seen this on the NJ Turnpike. It was an Ontario plate and it was on a Black 97 Ford Crown Victoria}
V8JUICE (New Brunswick) -- {on a 1987 Yellow 5.0 Mustang with nitrous}
VENOM S (Detroit, MI) -- {Venomous - On a fast '93 Mustang Cobra}
VERONA 1 (IL, IL) -- {I am rebuilding my 1985 monte carlo to look like the car in Romeo and Juliet}
VNMSF8L (AL) -- {"Venom is Fatal", 99 Mustang Cobra}
VRM VRM (Niles, IL) -- {My Baby Nephew's name for all cars, sound my Mustang GT makes}
VW-1974 (New York, NY) -- {On My Mint 1974 Volkswagon}
WAS HIS (USA, PA) -- {when my husband and i divorced, i got his beloved mercedes in the settlement.}
WAZHIZ2 (Chicago, IL) -- {was his too - on a red corvette}
WEB JNKY (Mountain View, CA) -- {I spend too much time surfing. :)}
WHOANOW (SC, SC) -- {94 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4-horse owners}
WPG MB (CA) -- {Where I come from}
WUV BUG (Austin, TX) -- {LUV BUG was taken and I think this is even cuter. It's for my new limited 2000 "Vapor" Beetle, which also has a heart SCUBA sticker center above the plate! 2 cute!}
WVMIRIDE (Charleston, WV) -- {people used to tell me to take daddys ride home but it wasn't daddys it was mine!}
WWWGEEK (Edmonton, Alberta) -- {I think it makes it's own sense... I am a web-developer. (Actually Get paid for it.)}
WY2FST (Manchester, NH) -- {On My 425 HP Z28}
WYSIWYG (Leawood, KS) -- {What You See Is What You Get}
XLR8 (Oahu, HI) -- {He dared me to race him ( I declined, but could have won ha ha)}
(Columbus, Ohio, OH) -- {My maiden name is Merry Christmas Trees, my brothers are Jack Pine Trees and Douglas Fur Trees, no joke- that explains the plate}
XQQZME (Tacoma, WA) -- {I commute 75 miles a day on the Interstate - need I say more?}
XTCY (St. Louis, MO) -- {A blonde in a Trans AM}
Y B NRML (MD) -- {on a supped up S-10}
Y2KBUG (Alberta) -- {Saw it on newspaper - 2000 VW Bug}
YA MON 1 (Upstate, NY) -- {had a great time in jamaica}
YAWANTO (Solon, OH) -- {Country lingo for "You want to ?"}
YBYAVET (San Diego, CA) -- {I saw this on the freeway on a Mercedes}
YEHRITE (Mississippi, MS) -- {Yeah Right !! on a 74 blown convertible Vette, everyone wants to race. yeah right..}
YELNCUS (Las Vegas, NV) -- {was my mother's my father called her Mrs. yell and cuss as a joke.}
YR HNR (Bozeman, MT) -- {GTO Judge [Your Honor]}
YRIYIAM (Douglass, KS) -- {Why are I why I am}
YWDINVU (KANSAS) -- {Why would I envy you}
ZIPNBYU (NC) -- { }
ZMYDUST (UT) -- {its on a 1996 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo modified (400hp+). It's my baby!!!}
ZOP05L (New South Whales) -- {Comment to explain your plate}

[Wishful Thinking]

2 U BOO (OR) -- {from my man}
2B1ASK1 (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
2CUTE4U (WV) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
3K3300 (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
75MG (Sudbury, Ontario) -- {I own a 75 MG Midget}
911 (BC, British Columbia) -- {}
ABLANGTE (Ontario) -- {means I belong to Glasgow (city where I was born)}
AWSUM-TA (West Virginia, WV) -- {2000 Trans Am }
BEEMIS (Ontario, Ontario) -- {Dogs nickname}
BYTE ME (Lexington, KY) -- {I work with computers}
CHRISHED1 (Nebraska, NE) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
CIRCUS 1 (Georgetown, Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
COLT 45 (Montana, MT) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
CRAIGER (London, Ontario) -- {It's my nickname and a lot of people would know that it's me.}
DAAAMN (Detroit, MI) -- {My automobile is indescribable...}
DADSGRL (Sebring, FL) -- {read it}
DANYEL (ca, CA) -- {personlized}
DOULKE10 (Toronto, Ontario) -- {10 is favorite number}
DREAMIN (california, CA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
E4ECHO (Ontario) -- {Toyota Echo}
ECHOEH (Ontario) -- {Toyota Echo}
FAW-KIU (Ontario, Ontario) -- {If you say it out really loud and fast, it pronounces the words "F*CK Y*U"}
FST CAR (St. John's, Newfoundland) -- {For any fast car like a Viper, Ferrari, Lambourghini etc...}
GEOFRY (Brantford, Ontario) -- {My nickname}
GM (Hillsburgh, Ontario) -- {these are my initials and I just love most GM products}
GR8 TOY (Ontario, Canada, Ontario) -- {Seen on a 1967 Black Camaro Convertable!}
GUYSLIE (OK, OK) -- {they all admit it}
HERRGTP (VA) -- {Her Rag Top}
HEY QT (Stittsville, Ontario) -- {I want this on my 1993 5.0L, somebody beat me to it.}
HOUDININ (Va Beach, VA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
I AM GAY (Oklahoma, State or Province) -- {Because I am gay}
I4GET (Vancouver, British Columbia) -- {cool}
I4GOT (New Westminster, British Columbia) -- {I am planning to get this one}
IDLOOK2 (OH, OH) -- {I'd Look Too}
ILOVENY (Oshawa, Ontario) -- {My bestfriend and I are in love with New York and I want to get her this plate for her birthday.}
IMA6D9R (SD) -- {I M A 69 ER}
ITZATRK (Saskatchewan) -- {'Its a truck' for an El Camino. When discussing the vehicle with anyone, it always a dispute whether it is a car or a truck (also the advertisement when they were first made). The provincial license issuer states it is a truck.}
K PAZZA (Toronto, Ontario) -- {i just really like it}
K WHAT (Barrie, Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
LEONA (SAN DIEGO , CA) -- {Iam a leo, and i love lions}
LIL'CLAIR (Cabot, AR) -- {thats what i like}
LV2PTY (Sebring, FL) -- {Live to party}
MINI ME (Mississauga, Ontario) -- {I own an Austin mini}
MSBHAVN (IL) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
MSBHVN2 (Hamilton, Ontario) -- {My online nickname}
NE14SEX (WA, WA) -- {Well?}
NIKEGUY (Michigan, MI) -- {All I wear is Nike apparel}
OHM (Texas) -- {The name of my Son's Band}
OZZ UM 1 (State/, Ontario) -- {my name}
PKETRKET (North Bay, Ontario) -- {Pocket Rocket (200 VW GTI VR6)}
POHBEAR (London, Ontario) -- {if available poohbear}
POOH (Ottawa, Ontario) -- {It has been my nickname for many years, I was born where Winnie the Pooh was born... in White River, Ontario}
PREDATOR (Ancaster , Ontario) -- {It's the name of my company "A PREDATOR SERVICE"}
RANGERS (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
REBL EYS (Montana) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
REDROCK (Montana, MT) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
RM 112 (Ottawa, Ontario) -- {I like it }
RNDS2RN (Toronto, Ontario) -- {I love to run errands!!!!!!}
SHAGUAR (Trumbull County, OH) -- {For my Jaguar}
SKY 777 (Scarborough, Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
SPF 0 (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
SVENSON (NEVADA , NV) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
SXY SADI (VA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
SYSADMIN (Toronto, Ontario) -- {Major family occupation!!!!}
TAKEMEON (wv, State or Province) -- {}
TOP GUN (Toronto Ontario) -- {I wish to have this plate,b.c-s. I like to have this plate.Thanks.}
TURBO Z (Ontario) -- {brand of my car}
ULBBEAT (MS) -- {You will be beat 97 ws6}
UPYRKILT (king, Ontario) -- {up your kilt - for scottish boyfriend}
WATTEVER 4 (Ontario, Ontario) -- {My Favourite Saying}

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