Plate Images Sent to us — Gallery

Here are the plates that we have images for. Thanks for sending them to us.
For those who sent us images that have not yet appeared here, I appolgise for not taking the time to get them posted.

Page may be slow to load due to large  number of images (... most are thumbnails).
We are thinking about making this into several pages. But so far it is just one big page.

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Images arrranged from earlist to last received : December 25, 2000 — Click plates for larger images.

2XTURBO (Virginia) (VA) BBBAD 5.0 (Illinois) (IL) FINS UP! (North Carolina) (NC)
KC STLTH (Pennsylvania) (PA) MY MACH5 (Virginia) (VA) MY VR4 (West Virginia) (WV)
RT TURBO (New York) (NY) SUN GOD (Ontario) (ON) SUTHNR (New Hampshire) (NH)

444 SSS (Ontario) (ON)

WHYFOR (Ontario) (ON)

NEG 1071 (Alabama) (AL)

DT TCH (Ontario) (ON)

WHYFOR (Ontario) New plate(ON)

DNT TCH (Ontario)

2SAVVY (Ontario) (ON)

BIGUNZ (Ontario) (ON)

AMUSED (Texas) (TX)

BADAPPL (Minnesota) (MN) TWANG (Ontario) -- The Willies (ON)

URSLOWW (Florida) (FL)




DARTH VW (Virginia)(VA)

TOY CAR (Arkansas) (AR)

ANNOY (Ontario) (ON)


tn_TORQUE1.jpg (2080 bytes) (OH)

You Are Your Car

tn_KISNGBY.jpg (2242 bytes) (CA)
SLOPOKE [Arizona] (AZ) 1 PB FOOT [Ohio] (OH) GLOCK 1 [Ontario]
ILIKE MT [Montana] (MT) PI5 ON U (UK) (UK) WS6 [Ontario](ON)
LOKN4U [South Dakota] (SD) TRED LT [Missouri] (MO) MAD4EVR [Ohio] (OH)
GOHABSGO [Ontario] (ON) E2DEQ43 [Alberta] (AB) HITSEND [Wisconsin] (WI)
DEE ONE [Maryland] (MD) GETRAMD [Washington] (WA) KRAMR [Ontario] (ON)
RD SCTR A [Wisconsin] (WI) LASR RED [Montana] (MT) BK FULL [Ontario] (ON)
  TX2STEP [Montana] (MT)  

All plate images are the property of their respective owners.