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Richard’s Plate List from Thunder Bay [ON]

These plate sightings come from in and around Thunder Bay, Ontario. They have been provided to us by Richard. Thanks Richard.

On with Richards’s List of 364 Plates: December 24, 2000

01AN86   On a GMC Sierra with Anishinabek Nation emblem
1 BUCKO On a Ford F-150 truck
1 ETB On the Thunder Bay mayor's Cadillac Brougham
1 JFH On a hearse - Jenkens Funeral Home
1 KH On a Grand Am
1 LEE W On a Chevrolet Silverado
1 RACKY On a Ford
1 SALTY On a Plymouth Dynasty
1 WEAZY On a Ford Windstar
1 WORLD On a GMC Jimmy
18 JRCK On a Jeep Grand Cherokee
1ROSEJ On a Ford Contour
2 DANS On a tow truck
2 FROGS On a Plymouth Grand Voyager
2 KH On a Ford Probe
2 MEEGS On a VW Golf
2 NURSE On an Oldsmobile
2 POSH On a Honda Civic
2 SHELY On a Grand Prix
2 WIND On an older Ford F Series truck
3 BETTY On a Nissan SUV
3 KH On a Ford SUV
38 RAF On a Volvo
4 BILO On a Ford F-series truck
4 CR On a custom Camaro SS.
4 DEEN On a Dodge Neon (with loon illustration)
4 LANA On a Mercury
4 STIR On a Ford F Series Truck
4 TOCH On a Ford Windstar
4 WHEEL On a bright yellow Toyota 4x4 with huge wheels
49 RICK On a Dodge Intrepid
4U JAB On a Dodge Caravan with Plasma bumper sticker
5 CLOCK On a Chevrolet truck
57 SKY On a 57 Ford Skyliner
59 BURD On a 59 Ford Thunderbird
6 DANS On a wrecker
6 ETB On a Chrysler Town & Country
7 BOND On a Camry
70 HEMI On a 70 Dodge Charger 426 Hemi
74 SAAB On a 74 Saab Sonnet
8 BALLE On a Cavalier - I love this one, a French pool player?
8 ETB On a Chevy Everest. Dunno either.
90 ES On a Dodge Caravan
91 LLB On a Toyota. Lady driver gained her law degree when?
A1AV8R On a Toyota Corolla. The ultimate plate for a flyer!
A1RUBY On a Chevrolet Cavalier
ABLU69 On a dark blue 69 Mustang Mach 1 Cobra Jet
ACED 3 On a Honda
AH FINN On a Fiero. Finnish community in T Bay
AMESIE On a GMC truck
AN EN On a Buick
ANITA4 On a 70s Chevrolet Impala
ANNITA On a Vitara
APRIL J On a Firebird
ARJA On a GMC Jimmy with Blue Jays logo
ASK IT On a GMC truck
AVO 7N On a Jeep Renegade
B K O On an Oldsmobile Silhouette with Trillium
B OR L On a Dodge Caravan
B SEENU On a 30s custom Ford
BE BE B On a Ford Windstar
BEARS 7 On a Chevy truck
BEAT2 On a 50 Chevrolet half-ton custom truck
BEATL 4 On a Ford Taurus
BEJAY 1 On a 66 Grande Parisienne
BENISE On a Volvo
BEV 2 On a Lumina
BEV H On a Hyundai
BIBITE On a Hyundai
BLINK7 On a Ford Escort ZX2
BLK JAQ On a Jeep Grand Cherokee
BOBB1 On a Grand Prix
BOIVIN On a Toyota SUV
BONZ 2 On a Ford Crown
BOURGE On a Jeep Wrangler
BRISCO On a Pontiac Firebird
BRNIE On a Chevrolet Cavalier
BRUCE M On a Ford Windstar
BRUCES On a Dodge Shadow
BUDD 4U On a Buick
BUGGS On a 59 Cadillac 6200
BUGS 9 On a Mazda truck
BY GEMS On an Intrepid pitside jewellery store
BYCE 2 On a Nissan truck
CA CAT On a Honda Civic
CADDY 4 On a Ford F-series truck
CALY 2 On a Dodge Caravan.
CARDIF On a Ford Bronco (Welsh?)
CARR 87 On a Corvette
CHIC C On a Buick Park Avenue
CHM On a Chrysler Intrepid
CHOMUT On a Pontiac Bonneville
CHOPR 1 On a Mazda. Helicopter pilot? Lots of them hereabouts.
CHVL 67 On a 67 Chevelle
CIN J On a Mustang
CISTA V On a Ford Aerostar
CLAP10 On a Chev Lumina (Eric Clapton specialist in T Bay)
CLAY 1 On a Pontiac Firebird
CLINT D On an old Chevy
CQ20 On a Ford Windstar with RAC badge
CZAPS On a Nissan coupe
D ALICE On a Honda Accord
D CAT On a GEO Metro
D FOSS On a Buick Park Avenue
D GEO On a Dodge Caravan
D1ANNE On a Cutlass. DIANNE already spoken for?
DAWN LB On a Ford Aerostar
DDJ 1ST On a Chrysler LHS
DEDEYE On a Ford Windstar
DEE 24 On a Cavalier
DEE TOM On a Corvette Stingray
DEEJ32 On an Explorer. DJ?
DELEO 1 On a Ford Ranger truck
DEMO 1 On a GMC truck
DINO 2 On a 63 Cadillac
DJ INC On a Silverado
DON 1 On an Early Mustang, natch!
DONKS On a Dodge Caravan
DRIWSH On a Ford F150 truck - Dri-Wash company
DS MC9 On a Caddilac
DUCKY 9 On a Dodge Neon
E REITH On a Cutlass
EDITH J On a Buick Regal
EGLET On a Chrysler Dynasty
EHS 33 On a Toyota Corolla
ELSIE 3 On a Ford Aerostar
EMMA 5 On a Chevy Custom truck
ENRIGT On a Plymouth Voyager
ETB 56L On a 56 Cadillac 75 sedan
FAV 1 On a Chrysler
FEB 50 On a Chrysler
FEEEE On a Grand Am
FOR UJB On a 68 Mercury Cougar
FRETO 8 On a Dodge Shadow
FRIDAY On a Nissan Altima
FYRRY On a Toyota.
G A STP On a Ford Explorer
GB 10 On a Ford F150 truck
GEETZA On a Dodge Ram
GEEZ 1 On a GMC Truck
GEM 13 On a Mustang convertible
GHSMIT On a GMC truck
GOODZY On a Pontiac
GRAMA 4 On a Dodge Neon (with disabled permit)
GRLS 3 On a Cadillac Limo
GUY 65 On a Cadillac
H K On a Monte Carlo SS
HANIAK On a Ford Expedition
HAPY 2 On an older Lincoln
HAPY DZ On a 39 Custom Ford
HAZEL 6 On a classic Cadillac with FINS!
HILL 2 On a GMC Yukon George O. Hill Supply Limited
HILL 4 On a GMC Yukon George O. Hill Supply Limited
HO WUH On a Volvo driven by oriental gent ...
HUGZ On a Chevrolet Cavalier
HULDA On a Pontiac Sunbird
I AD UP On a Sunfire
I EMF I On a big Lincoln
I JOG On a Chrysler New Yorker (remember I JOG 2?)
I JOG2 On a Chevy Suburban (I Jog Too!)
ISLE15 On a Chevy van
ITS OUT On a GMC Sierra truck
J 4SHAW On a Nissan
J ROMEO On a Grand Prix.
JAANAS On a Chevrolet Cavalier
JAC 07 On a Nissan Pathfinder
JAKE On a Ford Ranger truck
JARGE On a Bronco
JAX OTO On a classic Pontiac Le Mans
JEN M G On an Alero
JERFLO On a Chevrolet Astro with Maple Leafs emblem
JFH 4 On a GMC Safari
JFL On a Pontiac Firebird
JIGS 24 On a Chevy truck
JIM 50 On a Toyota 4Runner
JIM LEO On a Ford Taurus
JOAL 1 On a Le Sabre
JOE JOE On a Neon
JOSE 8 On a small Mazda
JOWANA On a Mercury
JT PT On a Nissan truck (people here pay the extra!)
JUDD 18 On a Toyota Corolla
JUNIA On an Altima
K A W On a Ford Aerostar
K M H On a Plymouth Voyager
KAN D On a Chevrolet Monte Carlo
KARENS On a Cavalier. No trouble with this one.
KARJ 2 On a Cutlass. No, I have no idea what it means
KATE 92 On a Chevrolet truck
KEN G On a Dodge
KIDS R1 On a Nissan Pathfinder. Family guy ...
KIRTY On a Honda Prelude
KJA On a Lincoln. Ain't gonna lose that one in a car park!
KLINGE On a Dodge Ram truck
KORKER On a Jeep Wrangler
KRUMPS On an Excel. Looks good!
KRUZ 1 On a Ford
L L 4X4 On a Ford 4x4 truck
LAJASA On a Pontiac 6000
LAMME On a Dodge Intrepid
LAURA D On a Dodge Caravan
LAZY 8 On a 66 Chrysler 600
LCF 10 On a 53 MG TD
LIGATE On a Ford F150 truck
LIL On a Honda
LIN 65 On a '65 Mustang
LMR On an Intrepid with a Loon picture
LOD On a Volvo
LUV MU On a Lincoln (Cute!)
LYFGRD On a Toyota SUV with Queens University badge
MABELS On a Ford Probe
MAD RN On a Honda Accord (Angry nurse? Wouldn't be surprised!)
MANWO On a Ford minibus Multicultural Assn of NW Ontario
MARK 7 On a Ford Econoline camper
MARSHA On a VW Beetle
MARY 24 On a Cadillac STS
MASSU On a GMC Truck
MAZ CAT On a Chrysler Intrepid
MBA Y2K On a Cavalier (hopeful!)
MCTOAD On a Ford Ranger
ME CARE On a Plymouth Voyager
MENMOM On an Altima
MERC 50 On a 50 Mercury
MERC51 On a 51 Mercury
MERVI A On a Parisienne
ML 4MAN On a Ford Bronco
MO DO On a Chevrolet Cavalier
MOJO H On a Ford Explorer
MONA 5 On a Nissan Altima
MONTY 3 On a Toyota MPV
MR LUX On a Ford Aerostar
MR LUX On a Ford Aerostar
MRS LS On a Ford Taurus
MT HAND On a Ford
MUMSCR On a Neon
MVSD On a Mercury Grand Marquis
MY ELMA On a Dodge Caravan
MZ FITS On a Pontiac Sunfire
N G HV6 On an Acura
N PEPIN On a Chevrolet Suburban
NANA 75 On a Chevrolet Lumina
NANU 7 On an Escort Estate. Fan of Mork & Mindie?!
NCH On a Chrysler Minivan
NEFRON On a Nissan Pathfinder
NESSY D On a classic Chevrolet Camaro
NIKKER On a Blazer
NO WEAR On a Honda CRV
NOT YRZ On a custom Chevy truck. Not Yours ...
NT NRML On a 50s Cadillac
OK AL On a Mercedes SUV. Very smart.
ONU UNO On a Mercury Grand Marquis
ORYXES On a Ford Econoline van
OZZONE On a Jeep Renegade. Proprietor of Ozone Tanning Parlour.
PAGES 2 On a Dodge Intrepid
PAIGE9 On a Sunfire
PAPASM On a Ford Explorer
PAULDO On a Ford truck
PAW N MA On a Chevrolet
PETE 49 On a Stingray
PHELP5 On a Cadillac. PHELPS already spoken for?
PIA H On a Pontiac Grand Prix
PIRKKO On a VW Jetta
POLE On a Ford F150 4x4 truck
POLLY F On a Chevrolet Corsica
PRD CRO On a Dodge Dakota truck
PRO GFX On a Ford Cargo van operated by Pro Graphix
PRO VAN On a Dodge Caravan
PSI KO On a small Dodge (my favourite!)
PT 2 U On a new VW Beetle
PYNSEY On a Jeep Wrangler
R C G On a Volvo
R GOVRO On a Ford 4x4 truck
R ROY On a Honda Goldwing motorbike
RAZZI On a Sunfire
REDO On a Dodge Caravan
REG V On a Cadillac STS
RENEE 8 On a Nissan
RMC ONE On a Mercedes CLK
RONNI3 On a Chevrolet Cavalier Estate
ROSCO 1 On a Chevrolet Astro Van
ROSI SO On a Honda
ROZRED On a Dodge Caravan
RTEMIS On a Nissan Pathfinder
S SQRD On a Honda sports car
SAMBO F On a Lincoln
SAULT 1 On a Chevrolet Lumina
SAW DR On a Chevy truck. Proprietor of Saw Shop.
SCAVS On a Porsche 911
SER HEL On a Pontiac Grand Prix
SERVO On a Young Drivers Nissan
SHATSY On a Pontiac Grand Prix
SHER21 On a Pontiac Grand Prix
SHLEPP On a GMC Sierra truck
SKIP On a Dodge Caravan
SLADE 4 On a Chevrolet Astro
SLADE 4 On a Chevrolet Astro
SMIG On a GMC Sierra truck
SMITH 2 On a Dodge Caravan
SPL FX On an Altima - Definitely a fan of special effects
SQUEGE On a Chevrolet Corsica
SRFIN On a Pontiac "Surfin" Safari (customised - I have photos)
STAR12 On a Toyota Corolla
STOLL 1 On a VW Golf
SUN PET On a classic Buick GS 455 convertible
SUPRA 6 On a Toyota Supra
SUZY CC On an Escort LX estate
SVC 2 On a Pontiac Grand Prix
SWANS On a GMC minivan
SYL 7 On a Thunderbird
T J S On a Ford Aerostar
TAMSYN On a Honda. Nice name.
TB PLEX On a Dodge Caravan
TEA ME On a Toyota Corolla
TECH 96 On a Dodge RAM truck from Tech-Air Mechanical
TECHER On an Oldsmolbile (Spelling?!)
TEENY 5 On a Cavalier (who knows?)
TERICA On a Dodge Intrepid
TIGR 64 On a 64 Sunbeam Tiger
TREE D On a Cadillac
TRICE 1 On a Pontiac
TRK 4 ME On a Chevrolet Blazer
TURA J On a Toyota Runner
UDIN On a Plymouth
UP N DN On an Altima. Further research warranted :-)
V BRIGO On a Buick
V OLSON On a Chrysler New Yorker
VA3PP On a Ford Bronco
VAGAGA On a Jeep Grand Cherokee
VANDOC On a Dodge Dakota truck - motor mechanic
VAW RAW On a Ford Tempo
VR HOHO On a Chevrolet Celebrity
VVVVET On a Corvette. Yes! VA-VA-VA-Vette!
VYTYL On a Ford F-series truck
W IRISH On a Lincoln Sable
WEEZZY On an Oldsmobile Cutlass
WEINR On a GMC Sierra truck
WGJ On a Ford Aerostar
WHKH 5 On a Silverado
WIHEKE On a Dodge Caravan
WILD 4X On a Dodge 4x4 truck
WIZ VAN On a Dodge Caravan
WOJO On a Plymouth Reliant
WOWIE 2 On a Dodge Caravan
WUUDEE On a Toyota Celica
X CAROL On a Ford F-150 truck
X HLB X On a Mazda sports car
YA DOIT On a Toyota truck
YIP YAP On a small Japanese 4x4 (Thunder Bay is a GOLDMINE)
YU SWIM On a Chevrolet truck - Swim pool installer
ZANEE On a Chrysler}
ZILLY 2 On a Ford F-series
ZSU ZSA On a Buick GS owned by a lady called Zsu Zsa

Minnesota Vanity Plates on a brief trip to International Falls:

SERNITY On a Lincoln
LADYBRD On a Ford Explorer
SUZIE-Q On a Ford Probe
JESSICA On a Grand Prix
JEWELL On a Jeep Cherokee
FLYER On a Jeep Grand Cherokee

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